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Vehicle Reconditioning

Welcome to a.i.m.

Discover the Smarter Way to Source Used Vehicles 


At a.i.m., we have revolutionized the supply-chain of used-vehicles by providing high-quality, wholesale and retail-ready vehicles, exclusively to those who sell retail.

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a.i.m.: The Premier Source of High-Quality 

Reconditioned Vehicles for Dealers/Resellers.

Transform Your Business with a.i.m.

We simplify the buying process, offer a diverse assortment of vehicles, can handle all transport logistics, and provide consistent guaranteed quality. With us, you get more than just a vehicle – you get a trusted partner delivering a consistently profitable vehicle for you to resell. 

Our Services

  1. Diverse Vehicle Supply: Choose from our wide selection of wholesale and retail-ready vehicles, available for swift delivery.
  2. Efficient Reconditioning: Benefit from our high-volume, quick-turnaround reconditioning centers that prepare vehicles for sale promptly and effectively.
  3. Transportation Services: We can handle all logistics, ensuring your inventory reaches you on time. Contact us for details.

Why Choose Us?

Join a.i.m. and experience a seamless, efficient and transparent way to source used vehicles. Our commitment to fully transparent pricing, 10-calendar day arbitration period (from time of purchase), and zero fees makes us a preferred partner for used vehicle resellers. We’re here to transform your business, lower your costs and increase your revenue potential.

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Welcome to the future of used vehicle sourcing. Welcome to a.i.m.

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