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What We Offer

At a.i.m., we take pride in providing a diverse range 

of high-quality, reconditioned used vehicles.

Our inventory consists of two types of vehicles, tailored to meet the specific needs of retail used auto dealers.

Here’s what you get when you purchase from us:

Green Light Units

Our “green light” units offer excellent value for dealers. They are partially reconditioned under our exclusive Green Light-Ready reconditioned process. 

Each vehicle sold includes:

  • A clean title
  • Sound engine, transmission, and frame
  • Zero OBD codes
  • Detailed interior and exterior

Every green light/wholesale unit is in average to above-average condition. To assure you of our commitment to quality, we offer a
complimentary 14-calendar day arbitration period, (from the time of purchase), and full-transparency pricing with zero buy fees.

Retail-Ready Units

Our retail-ready units are set to impress. They undergo a thorough 125-point inspection process that guarantees top-notch condition. 

Each vehicle:

  • Passes a 125-point inspection (detailed sheet available)
  • Arrives at your lot fully detailed and ready for immediate resale

We maintain transparency on critical details such as minimum tire measurements and minimum brake pad measurements that a vehicle must have to pass various State inspections. Just like our “Green Light” wholesale units, Retail Ready units also come with a complimentary 14-calendar day arbitration period (from the time of purchase), and zero buy fees.

Our Promise

Every vehicle you buy from a.i.m. comes with the confidence of knowing you’re getting a quality product. We provide:

  • Fully transparent pricing
  • Zero fees
  • 14-calendar day arbitration period (from the time of purchase)
  • The confidence to know that you are buying car from a remanufacturing partner who values your volume business, not from a 3rd party auction or platform

Whether you’re purchasing “Green Light” wholesale units or Retail Ready units, you’ll always get the best from us.

Your success is our goal at a.i.m.

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