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What We Do

At a.i.m., we understand the complexities and

challenges of the used vehicle industry.

For 20 years we have faced the same challenges as you.  This is why we have streamlined the sourcing, reconditioning, and delivery process of used vehicles. Here’s what we do and why you should join us:

Our Services

Diverse Vehicle Supply: We offer a daily assortment of Wholesale “Green Light” and Retail-Ready used vehicles, prepared for swift delivery and presented in an easily accessible online format.

Acquisition of Used Vehicles: With our scale and industry connections, we procure used vehicles at lower costs, including channels exclusive to us.

Reconditioning of Used Vehicles: We carry out mechanical and cosmetic improvements quickly and effectively, preparing vehicles for wholesale or retail-ready sale using robust factory disciplines.

Transportation Services: We own our own trucks, and use partners when and where needed. Let us help you reduce your transport costs. Contact us for further details.

Why You Should Join Us

Inventory Source Consolidation: With a.i.m., you no longer need to source inventory from multiple vendors, saving you time and money.

Simplified Acquisition: We make the buying process easy and streamlined, reducing your operational costs. All our prices are fixed and completely transparent.

Efficient Reconditioning: Our high-volume, quick-turnaround reconditioning centers reduce the costs and time of getting vehicles ready for resale.

Logistics Management: We can handle all transport logistics, lowering your cost and improving your efficiency.

Quality Assurance: We offer consistent, guaranteed quality from a single seller, decreasing the risk of hidden defects and additional costs.

Bulk Transportation: We can transport cars in volume from one source, reducing your transportation costs.

Inventory Volatility Management: We help partners maintain optimal retail-ready status, leading to increased revenue.

Just-In-Time Delivery: Our prompt delivery of inventory will reduce your inventory interest expense, lower your depreciation risk, and increase your profit.

Access to Diverse Inventory: We offer a large volume mix of inventory at all price points, driving your revenue growth.

Unique Digital Platform Opportunities: Our services enable you to offer distinctive customer propositions on your digital platforms, boosting revenue.

Increased Platform Activity: We attract more activity on partners’ digital platforms, increasing revenue.

By joining a.i.m., you can reduce the complexity and cost of your operations, while maximizing the presentation of assets for sale.

We’re here to help you transform the way you do business.

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