To all our supply chain partners

We are thrilled to bring you, a groundbreaking business-to-business online platform dedicated exclusively to the used vehicle supply chain. A.i.m. is built to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within our industry centered around the availability, affordability, and reliability of used vehicles

Built upon decades of industry experience, aimRECON is a unique online hub where authorized used vehicle sellers can view and acquire a wide range of high-quality used vehicles. These vehicles are available in both wholesale and retail-ready conditions, but share one common characteristic – our techs have worked on every one of the 50,000 vehicles rolling out of our central North Carolina facility, and stand behind our evaluation and repair of each vin. 

Our mission is simple but powerful: to provide advanced, comprehensive used vehicle supply chain solutions that transform the profit of our partners. We understand that the key to success in the used vehicle industry lies in reducing operational complexity and cost, delivering assets for sale how you want them when you want them, and ensuring predictable quality.

What sets a.i.m. apart?

We offer two categories of vehicles: Wholesale units and Retail/Front-Line Ready units.

Our Wholesale units are part of the “Green Light Program,” ensuring clean titles, good engine, transmission, and frame, zero OBD codes, and a fully detailed arrival. These are a great alternative or supplement to traditional auction buys.

Our Retail/Front-Line Ready units pass a stringent 125-point inspection process and arrive at your lot fully detailed and ready for sale.  These vehicles will help you recover your supply chain after strong sales periods, or fundamentally change the reconditioning side of your business.

Both types of cars come with our ZERO FEES policy. The price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden or extra charges. We believe in full transparency and are committed to fair pricing practices.

Finally, we understand that things may not always go as expected, which is why we offer a COMPLIMENTARY 14-DAY ARBITRATION PERIOD. If any issues covered under our guarantees arise, our dedicated arbitration team is ready to address and resolve them swiftly.  SINCE WE OWN AND WORK UNDER EVERY CAR WE SELL, we expect to catch anything big. If we didn’t catch a major mechanical issue, in most cases we simply take the car back.

In a world where efficiency and reliability can make or break your business, a.i.m. is dedicated to providing both, transforming the way you source vehicles. We invite all licensed used vehicle sellers to partner closely with us and experience the benefits of streamlined vehicle acquisition, exceptional quality assurance, and increased profitability.

For more details about our services, explore our FAQ section. Should you have any quustions or wish to apply to join our network, do not hesitate to reach out.


Best Regards,

Timothy Frank